16道大题, 总分:112

班级________ 姓名________ 学号________ 得分________

一.听力题 【共6道题,共6分】
1.[1分]You had better___________(not hurry).There is still enough time to go.
2.[1分]"Why are you late for school again?" said his teacher___________(angry).
3.[1分]We all received an__________(invite)to her wedding.
4.[1分]You can go____________(cross)the street when the traffic lights turn green.
5.[1分]My uncle lives on the____________(twelve)floor of the building.
6.[1分]All of you are very busy___________(get)ready for this exam, aren't you?
二.单项选择 【共8道题,共8分】
1.[1分]Please send____________ best wishes to Mary.

A.I                B.me                 C.my                D.mine

2.[1分]—Having many helpers makes a task easier and faster to complete.

—I think so.________.

A.Many hands make light work

B.Too many cooks spoil the broth

C.The early bird catches the worm

D.The more you learn, the more you know

3.[1分] Help others whenever you can _____ you’ ll make the world a nicer place to live.

A. and        B. or              C. unless          D. but

4.[1分]——BeI.in Tao’why are you are you so ________?

——Because Wang Meng got three gold medals at the Winter Olympm’s.

   A.excited    B.angry    C.disappointed

5.[1分]For my homework I have to write a(n)_________about the wonders of the world.

A music              B.picture             C.composition             D.exam

6.[1分]Jane is getting fatter,so her father advises her_________more exercise.

    A.to take    B.not to take    C.how to take    D.why to take

7.[1分]—Mr.Wang, can I finish my homework tomorrow?

    —Sorry, you_______________.

A.can't            B.don't             C.needn't          D.won't

8.[1分]—Excuse me.Could you please tell me where I can get a dictionary?

—________.There's a bookstore on Yimeng Road.

A.Sorry            B.Sure             C.Good idea              D.Thank you

三.单项填空 【共6道题,共6分】
1.[1分]—Do you have lunch at home?


A. Yes, I am.       B. Yes, I can.       C. Yes, I do.      D. Yes, I-have.

2.[1分]—_________is it?

—It's yellow.

A. How long         B. How much          C. What time         D. What colour

3.[1分]The boy has breakfast       home.

A. on    B. from   C. in   D. at

4.[1分]—What's your plan for the coming holidays?

—I want __________ Music Club.

A. join             B. to join                 C. joining

5.[1分]Zhang Yining is a table tennis star. I like_________very much.

A.she    B.her    C.hers

6.[1分]—How do you study English well?

—__________ working hard.

A. By             B. At               C. From             D. With

四.词汇填空 【共9道题,共9分】
1.[1分]I think young people should speak________(polite)to the old people. 
2.[1分]Spending time with our family and friends ___________ very important to us Chinese.(be)
3.[1分]Wearing a smile on your face not only helps you make friends but also makes you ________ (feel) better.
4.[1分]“George,did you see the film Titanic? ”“ Yes.I            (see) it yesterday."

5.[1分]It is a good habit to brush your________(tooth)after each meal.
6.[1分]Many teenagers like c________with their friends through QQ on the Internet.
7.[1分]Our classroom is on the  _________ (five) floor.
8.[1分]The first tree is taller than the ________________(two)one.

9.[1分]Don’t mind________(offer)your help to others whenevm necessary.
五.填空题 【共1道题,共3分】





六.句型转换 【共3道题,共4分】
1.[2分]There were many students in this school last year.(改为否定句)

There________  _________many students in this school last year.

2.[1分]Mrs. Brown can hardly walk any more, _______  _______ ? (改为反意疑问句)
3.[1分]Tony often goes swimming in summer. (对画线部分提问)

    What _______ Tony often _______ in summer?

七.补全对话 【共2道题,共6分】

A:Good morning,Yuanyuan!

B:Good morning,Ann!What do you think of your life in Harbin?

A: (1)   getting used to it except one thing.

B:What’s that?

A:It is so cold here in winter!

B:So it is.What’s the weather   (2)   in your country now?

A:It’s very hot.The temperature is above 32℃.

B:I see.The season in Australia is  (3)  now.It’s just opposite.By the way,we are going to visit Sophia Church tomorrow.Will you go with us?

A:I’d love to.How   (4)   is it?

B:It’s about two kilometers away from here.We can walk there.

A:It’s too cold outside.Why   (5)  go there by bus?

B:All right.Don’t forget to wear more clothes.

A:OK.I will.

(1)_______  (2)_______    (3)_______  (4)_______ (5)_______


—Who did you go to the movie ________? 

—Nobody.I went alone.

A.with                   B about                     C.for                         D.from

八.改错题 【共3道题,共3分】

I don't know today's whether is sunny or cloudy.     (    )

2.[1分]Who do you think to help  them finish  the work on time  last Thursday? _________

     A                           B                   C                       D          

3.[1分]The young people should be friend to old men.        (    )
九.其他 【共1道题,共5分】















十.翻译 【共1道题,共2分】

We will never give up________  to make our dreams ________ true.
十一.汉英翻译 【共5道题,共9分】

____________do you_________  ___________our school rules and class rules?


He heard the news________________ to the cinema.


 It’s a good habit to ________________ every day.

4.[2分]—Have you_______  ________——the new dress?

—Yes, it looks nice on me.(试穿)

5.[1分]Nowa days,more and more people like going to work_________(步行).
十二.补充句子 【共2道题,共13分】

##1$$A seat belt can help protect passengers in many car ________.(accident)

##2$$Last week the students went skating and enjoyed ________ very much.(them)

##3$$My school is going to have an open day on the ________ of next month.(ten)

##4$$Failure isn’t always bad. It can teach you ________ lessons.(use)

##5$$For your ________, smoking is not allowed during the whole flight.(safe)

##6$$Our manager greeted the guest _______ with a smile at the entrance.(polite)

##7$$Scientists often ________ that farmers use natural ways to grow fruits.(suggestion)

##8$$When they felt ________ after the flood, the charity offered them food and clothes.(help)

##1$$Grace loves dancing. She wants to be a ______ when she grows up. (dance)

##2$$It's important for everyone to know how to ask for help ________. (polite)

##3$$The young should learn to make decisions by ________.  (they)

##4$$2018 Football World Cup is being held in Russia now. It is the ______ Football World Cup. (twenty-one)

##5$$_________ are those who make you smile, always open their hearts to you and encourage you to succeed. (friend)
十三.听力 【共8道题,共17分】










A.See you.

B.What a pity.

C.Over there.

A.It's fast.

B.lt's 9 0' clock.

C.It's your watch.

A.For an hour.

B.Once a week.

C.In a week.

A.She is short.

B.She has curly hair.

C.She wears glasses.

A.My pleasure.

B.I think so.

C.That’s all.





十四.阅读理解 【共1道题,共10分】
1.[10分]Every school has notice board.Let’s see what is on the notice board of an American school.

School Policy

◇Fighting,saying bad words and all other bad behavior will not be allowed.

◇Do not throw rocks,snowballs or sticks on the school grounds.

◇Hand in a note or telephone to school if you child will be absent for the day.

◇Parents and visitors need to check in at the office when entering the school.


Report Card

Report card about your school life and work will be given go your parents.Look at the marking key for your school work.


Goes beyond grade level standards


Meets grade level standards


Does not meet grade level standards,making progress


Does not meet grade level standards,not making progress



Class Announcement(通知)

Testing Dates:

The math test is June 12&13.

The science test is June 15.

Parents Meeting:

The next parents meeting is on Friday, June 22 at 7:00 pm in the meeting hall.


Please check the Homework Board at the school homepage to find your homework.


After-school Program

The after-school programs will continue fo the year 2012.The programs will be open from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm every day.

◇3:30&4:30  Homework & Reading

◇4:30&6:00  Activities

If you have any questions,feel free to call the school at 524-9752.

(1)According to school Policy,visitors have to ________ when entering the school.

  A.hand in a note                                  B.call at 524-9752

  C.check in at the office                          D.telephone to the school

(2)From ________,parents can get information on the parents meeting.

  A.School Policy                                  B.Report Card

  C.After-school Program                         D.Class Announcement

(3)Report Card shows parents ________.

  A.certain school rules                            B.after-school activities

  C.plans for classes and tests                  D.children’s school life and work

(4)Suppose Tony doesn’t do well at school but makes progress,he will get ________ on the Report Card.

  A.1                        B.2                    C.3                           D.4

(5)Students do their homework and read books ________.

  A.from 3:30 to 4:30                       B.from 3:30 to 6:00

  C.from 4:30 to 6:00                       D.from 6:00 to 7:00

十五.单选题 【共6道题,共6分】
1.[1分]_______birds have come back because the environment here becomes better and better.

A.Thousands of

B.Thousand of

2.[1分]Millie spoke in a very low voice, but I    understand what she said.




3.[1分]Please______the rubbish into diferent litter bins according to the signs.




D.to put
4.[1分]-I'm awfully sorry for bringing you so much trouble.

- __________

A.Never mind.

B.it's a pleasure.

C.Of course not.

D.You are welcome
5.[1分]―-Can you open a gift______ after you receive it In England?

―-Yes. We don’t have to wait.




6.[1分]—Why do students love Mr. Brown?

—Because he is very _____________. He always explains problems over and over again.




完成对话 【共1道题,共5分】


B:My telephone number is 929-3176.

##2$$A:                  ?

B:She usually takes the bus to school.

##3$$A:Happy New Year!

B:                  .

##4$$A:                   ?

B: I am 13 years old.

##5$$A: I'm going on a trip next week.

B:                  .